Greg4UkesIn 2008, Greg Hawkes released a collection of Beatles songs played entirely on ukuleles. The album, simply titled ‘The Beatles Uke’, is available from Solid Air Records.

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Here is a review by Jim Beloff of Flea Market Music (and current king of the ukulele universe):

“Greg Hawkes, formerly of The Cars, has been a presence in the uke community for years. Now he has released this extraordinary, all-instrumental ukulele CD. Blending multiple ukes and studio wizardry, Greg creates magical interpretations of 15 Beatles classics. Both as a musical and technical statement, this CD sets a new standard for what the ukulele can do. Every track is a delight including “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Here Comes The Sun,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “Fool on the Hill,” “Piggies,” “She’s Leaving Home,” “Honey Pie,” and “Yesterday” and “Goodnight.” 15 tracks. Essential!”

Watch Greg’s video for Eleanor Rigby.

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